Raise Your Eyebrow

Let’s agree to teach our kids that it’s bullshit. Being who you are is beautiful. Sure, acne may never be on the cover of Teen Vogue with a headline that says, “Whiteheads: So Hot Right Now!” but so what? Everything else will come full circle, and pimples go away eventually — or so I’m told.

So if your child is in the midst of waging the unwinnable battle that is puberty, or even if he or she is just making some questionable grooming choices along the windy, circuitous path to self-acceptance, try to resist the urge to step in with a save.

From HuffPo Parents today, I couldn’t resist the awkwardly cute photo and nod along with what author Una LaMarche had to say on the topic of everyone’s favorite developmental phase. Even if it’s painful. We’ve all been there, even the most conventionally beautiful among us to the homelier ends of the spectrum. Having our caretakers affirm that we are lovable and beautiful just the way we are can be powerful, in the present and later on. Except perhaps where it comes to being hygienic, conforming to ridiculous ever-mercurial beauty standards is an impossible chase and you will never, ever catch up. Three cheers to those who can role model this kind of ethos to their offspring.