Yo vote!

This has to have been the election I’ve anticipated the most since first casting my vote back in 2000, when things went so strangely, by anyone’s measure. This year is my fourth presidential election to date! I feel like a kindergartner, holding up her right hand, saying “I’m this many!” to prove I belong at the polls. And indeed, I did approach the ballot booth with enough childish glee and first-day-of-school-ever kind of anxiety in a way I did not radiate when I was 18. Afterall, I’d cast my “vote” before with my mom and papa many times, going to the polls with them as a kid. I can’t remember now who I helped them vote for back then. I remember going when Walter Mondale was running against Ronald Reagan, but have no idea who which parent chose (my parents do not always vote similarly, to say the least). I remember getting to punch a ballot or two, though they were probably just “practice” ballots, if those exist. Or if my papa told me that so I wouldn’t feel like my “selections” were being cast aside. Do they even let you take your toddler into the voting booth with you anymore?

It was pretty exciting in 2008, although casting my Blue vote in a Red state didn’t feel much more than a wee voice crying in the wilderness at the time, since my electorate didn’t do too much to help the prez get where he is now that time around, to say the least. Surely not so much so this year, either. And now, living in California, my voice is just one among many, at least when it comes to who we tend to elect to the Oval Office.  But, it’s also exciting, because we get a sum total of 55 electoral votes, and that’s more than any other state, which is a pretty big deal in itself. Like being part of the tide that effects the sea change.

I’m proud to say I read more and payed more attention this time than I often do – on both state and federal levels – to what was going on around the various issues and candidates. Listening to the Teabaggers and their influence on the Right, I felt it was more important than ever to make a statement about what democracy and true freedom look like. It does NOT, to my mind, look like a bunch of foolish old overly privileged white men – the very same who have helped rob the country and send gajillions of jobs overseas – telling “binders full of women” what to do with their bodies, telling us that rape is only just-so under certain circumstances (defined by whom, exactly?) and then soundly patting us on the head with such statements implying that the economy sure as heck can work for them, and they boy hokey can get home in time to get little Jimmy’s dinner on the table too, with this plan!

Because it’s 19effing52 or something? I didn’t want a patronizing, regressive head of state either. Just… yuck.

Now, I don’t pretend that everything will be fixed since we collectively opted not to vote in Mittens. But thank f%&$ we’re not facing four years of the Radical Right in the highest office.

Too bad Prop 37 didn’t pass though. Monsanto/DuPont/Dow/etc., you have not heard the last.


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