Mama Nature

I’m not the prayin’ kind, not being so much an atheist, rather  just not one who is into supplication of the whole deity thing in general. But I guess you could say I believe in the power of positive thought and positive intention, surrounding people in your heart and mind with positive, loving thoughts, and training that energy in their general direction(s). Because matter is energy, and thought is energy, and we’re all connected. Blahdy blah blah. And if you’re thinking about someone anyway, why not have that be based in your love instead of fear and trepidation? At the very least, the latter two don’t serve your own well-being.

So, I’m sending a lot of that love and goodness in the direction of the Eastern seaboard, my old home, since worrying doesn’t seem to be very productive for any of us on any level. I do hope that Hurricane Sandy does not claim any more lives, and that those I love remain free from harm, to their person and possession; and that those I do not know also remain free from harm, and all who need to can move to higher, drier ground.

And that FEMA, et al. respond to this whole thing more efficiently and smoothly than the Katrina fiasco/tragedy.

Nature, she is fierce. Global warming Climate change, she is real.


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