Sweet mountain home

If this blog was a Gigapet (remember those? I never had one, to be fair, so I only slightly remember them) it would be whining in my pocket, begging for virtual food. Come to think of it, did Gigapets even do that? I don’t remember them very well. At any rate, I’ll try to feed ‘er more often. On that note, I am looking to set a few necessary and achievable goals, namely with writing, and updating this blog falls in there somewhere. I know probably absolutely no one reads this, but it’s an exercise in allowing others to read my writing. Or at least toy with the idea that more than just a lean number of folks possibly maybe might be (again, not very likely, since I am currently unwilling to bring it out of the virtual closet). One of the goals I have is to start a writing group or book club, since I’m finding my desire for intellectual stimulation sorely unfulfilled hereabouts much of the time. Hmmm… I’ve never been a part of one, so I don’t even really know what that entails, apart from choosing and then reading a book and then coming together to talk about it/eat/drink wine with friends at the end of the month. But mostly eating and drinking wine, right? Also, friends – enough of them – who want to show up and who want to be involved. Hrm, that part can be challenging around here. Actually, those are probably the main barriers.

I didn’t come here to talk about goals at the moment though. Or eating and drinking. (Wait, scratch that last one. Yes I did) Or pets, virtual or real. That can wait for another time. Let’s take a break from the heavy for a moment, mmm?

Wednesday AM, I’m heading off for Salt Lake, via train. That in itself should be exciting, since I’ve always driven, and this time, I would rather someone else take the wheel. I hate flying, it means I can’t bring any “oversize/restricted liquid items” anyway, and driving I-80 alone (twice) seemed a dismal, time consuming, more expensive, and altogether unappealing prospect.

So its back to my other other homeland for a week. I am so unbelievably excited. It is looking to be a much needed break from the goings on of late, more so than I anticipated when I booked my ticket. Foremost, I’m looking forward to seeing dear friends. Hopefully more than just a couple, though I’m traveling at a time when I know a lot of people may be around, what with Labor Day and all. And to being back in the Rockies, my beloved mountains. To being in a gigantic glorified suburb real city. In a place where there are multitudes of people my age, lots of happenings, music, art, mountains, a university, coffee shops, an independent movie house (or several, really), more than three restaurants…. Mountains, Gandalf!

And weird laws about alcohol and bastion of Mitt Romneydome. Yeck…moving on.

Also, in no particular order: Liberty Park, gazing up at the Wasatch from the kitchen window (or most anywhere in the city), LCC and BCC (that’s Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons, respectively, to the uninitiated), Hatch Chocolates, The Aves, the Salt Lake City Public Library (my favorite, outside of Smith and Mount Holyoke), The Park Cafe, Coffee Garden, Lunatic Fringe (YES! A decent haircut guaranteed!), 9th & 9th, Mazza, 15th & 15th, Pioneer Park Concerts, Pioneer Park Farmers’ Market, The Arts and Crafts Market, Park City, Stoneground, hot springs, hiking, Sundance films outside (and for free!), Name Droppers, Sugarhouse, Hip & Humble, Emigration Canyon… have I covered everything I want to go back to and see and do yet? No, absolutely not. Six days isn’t really going to be enough, I know this. And I can’t eat out every meal of the day and buy all of the cute clothes I know are waiting for me there either. All would be unwise, considering that I’m going from partially unemployed to mostly unemployed within the month, if things continue at the current pace. And I know I can’t go to every single place I miss that I may not get to go back to again for a while (can’t I though?). Which is completely fine. I’ve never been a have-to-see-and-do-it-all kinda gal.

I can easily admit, there’s a wee part of me that desperately craves living back there again. It is becoming like Portland’s thriftier Mountain West little sister; the one who is a bit more reserved, a fair bit less flamboyant, slightly less popular in the eyes of the public, but not because she isn’t cool, just because she’s a bit quieter and less flashy, and people have spread some weird rumors about her, most of them untrue. I know a lot of lovely people there who are smart and motivated and all around decent human beings. And they’re all roughly my age. And there are a lot of therapy oriented job opportunities and/or other job opportunities (so I’m told) as well. People are friendly, and I love how all of the neighborhoods and shops and coffeehouses are blended together. And it’s just beautiful. And the mountains are right there. Did you hear? Right there.

On the other hand, I don’t miss the nasty smog in the winter time from Kennecott Copper Mine which leads to the nastiest inversion. The air is so thick, you could chew it, though you wouldn’t want to. I don’t miss having a hard time finding fresh produce year round (though arguably that’s changing immensely, due to the glorious urban farming movement). I don’t miss paying tax on my food and clothing (WTF?) and pretty much everything else ever. And I don’t miss the intense dry heat of summers in the Salt Lake Valley. I don’t miss the weirdness of the conservative social mores that prevail beyond, and sometimes inside of, the city. I don’t miss always being at least 10% dehydrated at all times. I don’t miss the nasty city water.

On the other hand… the cost of living was cheap (it surely would have felt more so if I hadn’t been traveling to see my 1000 mile away boyfriend every other week too). We could conceivably own a house there within the next 10 years as opposed to the next 30 living in California at current rates of progress, etc. So really and truly, the pros seem to outweigh the cons. I think living in Emmigration would clear up at least 75% of my complaints about the city (i.e. out of the smog and the potential to be on well water, not city water, which is crucial in my book).

Anywho. I am just tossing thoughts about in the air. I’m not keen to make any moves any time soon, at least. These thoughts press in my mind though, since I don’t currently have much tying me to Mendocino.. Neither of us is in love with it here, to be fair. I think we could both happily pick up tomorrow, if that were an easy option, though it isn’t so much so at the moment.

About that list of goals though? I think I’ll work on those after my trip. Then, it’ll be time to get serious. I know, adulthood seems to be chasing me down these days and I’m ju-u-u-ust outrunning it, but I think it might be time to turn around and start shaking hands and kissing babies.

Sigh. Or maybe not. Please?


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