Your daily dose of WTF? Spirithoods.

I’m sorry kids, but I just do not understand this whole faux-animal-head hat thing. Not the fact that it exists, but that it exists in such a widespread way. Enough so that it is now being advertised on sundry internet sites. Including Slate, Saveur, Facebook (did something I posted bring it up as relevant to me? WTF, GoogleUniverse?) Notably, none of these sites are (to my mind, at least) in the slightest bit associated with Furry fetishes. (If you’re not familiar, look it up. On second thought, maybe don’t.) And I live in Northern California, where animal head hats are, shall we say, pervasive.

Not that it isn’t cute, ever, because I guess it sorta can be in the right circumstances, or on the right person, who is say, under the age of 10. It’s just the fact that grown up adult type (ok, and some not so much) people with full time professional jobs may sometimes to often be seen strutting the streets in what amounts to a wearable stuffed animal on their head. And that it just… well, that it’s pretty common.

Huh? Sometimes California has the tendency to even… outweird California, but this may not be limited to my general locale.

I guess it… takes… all… types?

On a side note, it was nearly 70 degrees in Santa Rosa yesterday and I was surrounded by throngs of black wool coat wearing, wool-scarf donning students while waiting for my coffee at My Friend Joe. I started sweating in my tank top just watching them. But hey… I have thicker mountain blood. I’m not as sensitive to the cold, so I guess…. Eh, whatever. Moving on.

That, and the girls in leggings and animal tail plus (P?)leather festie utilibelts. And often, vaguely feline faux animal ears or faux animal head hat – which you will usually see at said festies, and less often striding the streets (but sometimes…). Which, if you are like me and enjoy going to music festivals in the Bay Area and various parts of the Pacific Northwest, is something you will invariably encounter often and in large numbers. It’s somewhat like the new Cat in the Hat stripey hat on the tall stoned dudes, or something. And not just say one or two in the crowd. I’d say more like… well, many. And they’re not all together, mind you. Not like they, erm, planned it together. But maybe? The website goes on to greet members of the “tribe” so perhaps I am wrong there…

I simply just. Don’t get it. Never mind the whole piece about how this smacks of some unseemly cultural appropriation, but I’m trying not to analyze this one that much. I think I’ve already expressed enough perplexity. Look, I’m all for creative and artistic expression of one’s individual aesthetic sense, blah blah blah and we live in a beautiful rainbow world (right) and should fling our colors and spread our wings and… yada yada etc. blah blah blah. I’m not here in hatred, I’m here in utter confusion as to how, if you look them up on Facebook, you will note that their pages has nearly 40,000 “Likes” so they have some following, not just my anecdotal, unsubstantiated claims that “a lot of people wear this kinda business….”

Next, and what led me to post this wonder of our world in the first place, why is this ad showing up on sundry websites? (Rush Limbaugh’s asshattery, anyone?) Mystifying, it is.

We are however graced with a picture of Kate Moss and her son, who happens to be wearing a SpiritHood if we look a little way down on the blog. So, coming to a runway near you!

I have to admit, the paw mittens in the scarf are actually kinda cool looking. But I’m not sure what the purpose is, or if there is any other practical purpose, other than giving someone a fuzzy, faux-furry hug while dancing to techno and poppin’ goofballs. I know. I haven’t been to Burning Man. And I don’t pop the “Love Drug” on a weekly, nay daily, basis. Mmmmm tactile things… Maybe then I’d truly get it.

Until then… WTF?


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