How did I miss this until now?

AA Bondy… mmmmm, so good. I listened to this album for the first time two days ago, driving along the meandering road that winds up up up in elevation from the highway town of Ukiah to my house, 2/3rds of the way to downtown Boonville. It was a spectacular Northern California winter day. I found myself feeling just the slightest bit sad, missing places and people I have not or will not see for a long time. And then I looked out – I mean, really looked, because before I wasn’t even noticing it, other than as a flat background – at the clear skies and the rugged canyons and rolling hills and I smiled. The light seemed perfect, soothing, everything seemed to fit with the music, as it goes. Sometimes I feel like I’m driving through a painting.

Dramatic landscapes make my little heart soar. I miss real mountains and snow sometimes, but they’re not too far from me. I’ll get there soon.

Anyway, this album was a Christmas/Solstice present to myself, bought with my “Holiday Bonus”: so worth it. I almost never buy music at the store never having heard even a sampling (how tame of me. Ok, I guess it’s part of feeling like I have to watch my budget and not wanting to waste money on something that is the musical equivalent of a Twinkie) I know he was at HSBG this past October, but I didn’t make it to that stage. I could hear it ever so faintly, but not enough to say I liked it or not.

Now I can say I love it.


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