The Storyteller

“This one’s for that friend of yours that you dragged out. If you’ve never heard me play before, my name’s Todd Snider. I been driving around this country more than 15 years. I make these songs up and I sing  ’em  for anybody that’ll listen to ’em. Some of ’em are sad, some of ’em are funny, some of ’em are short, some will seem like they go on forever, sometimes I may ramble on for as much as 18 minutes in between a particular song.  I wanna let you know that I also might share some of my opinions with you through the course of the evening. I’m not gonna share them with you because I think they’re smart or because I think you need to know ’em. I’m gonna share ’em with you because they rhyme. I didn’t come down here to change any of y’all’s minds about anything. I came down to ease my own mind about everything. It works every time… If everything goes particularly well this evening, we can all expect a 90 minute distraction from our impending doom. This one goes like this...”

Todd Snider is one of my favorite singer/songwriters, storytellers, and poets. He is worth seeing live – I think I’ve seen him three times now, but maybe just twice.

Also, this one has some pretty funny moments too.


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