Nostalgiacs Anonymous

Today I’m feeling reflective and pensive. Should that be anything but surprising? But, I guess that’s like saying “today is Thursday.”

I will spend time with a part of my extended family of friends for dessert/dinner aka “dessinner” (pronounce that dez-inner. Let’s leave out the suggestion of any kind of “sinner” sound, eh?). Although part of me wishes to include some other members of a different crowd, I realize I am where I am and I will be with who I am with today, and I’m happy enough for that. There will be other days to spend time with those beloved friends, hopefully in the presence of lots of mashed potatoes, etc.

The past three Thanksgivings, I have not been with my birth family at all. This will be the fourth in a row (I just saw my parents for my sister’s wedding about three weeks ago, so traveling back East so soon seemed redundant, not to mention expensive). It’s not that I need to spend the holiday with them. Thanksgiving is my Christmas, though. I was born on Thanksgiving. And I’m not big on Christmas, mainly because I’ve become disillusioned and tired of all the crass consumerism, a holiday exploited by an undeniably greedy, capitalist agenda.

That, and while I will always love stocking stuffers and gingerbread houses, I’m not remotely Christian, so the going to Mass part is kinda lost on me. (And Jesus wasn’t born in December anyway, so it’s not even about that to me, even if I was into that kind of thing). Maybe I’ll feel differently some day when I have kids, but I think I’d rather focus more on the “True meaning” aka love and brother/sisterhood, peace, joy, and community. Which are great any time, not just between the day after Thanksgiving and January 2nd (you know, for all those holiday sales…)

Oh, and the change of seasons. So, Solstice? Which I’m all about. Because two of my friends here in Boonville – Doug and Wendy, who are awesome anyway – throw what is arguably the best party of the year that I’ve ever been to in Anderson Valley. Things are looking up for this December – it’s sure to be no exception.

Don’t get me wrong. I love sharing a lovely day and meal with people I love. I’m just not into Forced Family Fun Time. This does not generally apply to my immediate family, more to my extended family. Most of my cousins excepted and cool aunts and uncles, etc. aside, I share little more than the same blood line with a large percentage of my extended family, if we’re talking commonalities and reasons to reconnect right here.

But oh how I do love a holiday centered around eating tasty food with people you love, meaning gobs of stuffing and mashed potatoes and punkin’ pie! Nothing like that spice mecca floating through the air to trigger the drool mechanisms and get the nostalgia wagon rolling.

Maybe I’ll rename this blog Nostalgiacs Anonymous. I spent many years in denial. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Happy Thanksgiving.


One thought on “Nostalgiacs Anonymous

  1. I’m not going to be home for Christmas this year and I’m oddly relieved. You know how much I love my family, but for some reason, this year, it just seems like too much.

    I love how personal this is, yet relatable and tinged with your own brand of social snarkery.

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